Aluminum Awning Frequently Asked Questions

Review frequently asked questions about aluminum window awnings, or email us for answers not found on our website.

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List of Awning Commonly Asked Questions with Answers

Q: Are you a licensed and insured contractor for the State of Florida?
A: Yes. We are licensed and insured to work in the state of Florida on license #SCC131149800.

Q: Can you accommodate a custom size for an odd-size door or window?
A: Yes. We custom design your awning length and width for proper coverage of odd-size requirements.

Q: What combination of awning colors do you offer?
A: Select any combination of our 16 standard colors plus white, and have one solid color, or solid plus stripes at different widths.

Q: How do your prices compare to other sources for aluminum awnings?
A: As the awning manufacturer and installer, our prices are very competitive compared to other brands made in the USA, and the value exceeds cheap imports.

Q. How can your awnings be adjusted for different conditions?
A. The adjustable awning arms allow fixed positions at different angles including fully closed and locked in place for high wind conditions.

Q: What type of service is necessary for the aluminum awnings?
A: Usually none. The quality materials including stainless steel screws resist corrosion, so with simple cleaning the awnings withstand years of use.

Q: How do I clean my aluminum awnings and how often?
A: Mild soap and water is sufficient for cleaning every 3-6 months, or when having your home pressure washed.

Q: How long after ordering are my aluminum awnings usually delivered and installed?
A: Most orders are completed and installed within two weeks, or sooner. Depending on your order and the time of year we will advise any delays when we quote price and delivery.

Q: What durability can I expect during extreme storms?
A: Our aluminum awnings are designed to withstand light or moderate winds when closed and fastened, yet no awning can protect 100% in extreme storms, especially with flying debris.

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