Screen Room Addition and Roof

This two phase screen room addition and roof was an addon to a previous installation for this customer in St Cloud, Florida.

screen room addition and roof

The open patio area to the left was enclosed into a screen room, and then the 9′ x 12′ addition with the 3″ insulated roof was added.

As a result, the covered enclosed space nearly doubled in phase two when the new roof and screen room were added to their home.

Are you looking for a custom solution to enhance the outside of your home? A screen room adds shade and protection from insects or rain.

Trust Haggetts Aluminum for a custom designed awning, carport, or screen room for your home. Call 321-978-5500 for a quote.

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Custom Screen Room and Roof

This custom screen room and roof project in Titusville, Florida, was a replacement after significant hurricane damage last year.

hurricane damaged wood frame screen roo

This first photo shows just the 12′ x 52′ hurricane damaged wood frame screen room deck minus the roof, wood frame, and screens.

replacement aluminum screen room and roof

The customer wanted aluminum vs. wood, so we designed this replacement aluminum screen room and roof as shown and 99% complete.

The replacement screen room frame is aluminum with aluminum doors, quality screen material, plus the new 3″ white insulated roof.

Want Haggetts to quote custom design screen room options for your mobile home? Call 321-978-5500 for a quote.

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Cocoa Florida Warehouse Roof Project

This Cocoa Florida warehouse roof project involved the replacement of rotted plywood and shingles to alternative 3″ insulated panels.

insulated roof project early phase
The photo shown above is in the early phase of the project. It shows the bare roof where the plywood and shingles were removed, and part of the new insulated roof construction.

insulated roof completed project
This second photo displays the completed project prior to final cleanup of the construction site. This is a more efficient roof replacement compared to wood and shingles.

The insulated panels may be a good choice for you depending on the application.

Do you have a similar roofing replacement need? Call 321-978-5500 for a quote.

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Screen Room and Screened Porch

The custom screen room and screened porch displayed in the photo collage below shows a recent project completed in Central Florida.

screen room and screened porch

The two top photos show the custom screen room that we designed, built, and installed on a new foundation for a residential customer.

The two bottom photos show a custom screened porch built on the smaller entry way on another side of the home with an existing slab.

Enjoy the outdoors more in a screened in environment with a custom built solution from Haggetts Aluminum. Call 321-978-5500 now for a quote!

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Merritt Island SeeView Awning Project

The Merrit Island SeeView awning project was a volume purchase by mobile home park owners of the Merrit Island Village in Florida.

mobile home single seeview awning

The photo above shows just one of the SeeView awnings installed on the front window of a mobile home in this 55+ seniors community.

mobile home multiple seeview awnings

The next photo is a street view where multiple SeeView awnings were installed by Haggetts Aluminum on almost every home on the street.

The slat design of the SeeView awning provides shade and protection of the mobile home interior, yet you still have outdoor visibilty.

If you want to buy in bulk and save, please call 321-978-5500 today for a quote.

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Screen Room with Insulated Roof

This custom 16′ x 28′ screen room with insulated roof and two doors was an addition onto an existing mobile home in Cocoa, Florida.

new screen room project phase one

The screen room project photo above shows phase one after the concrete foundation had been completed and we begin the initial layout.

new screen room project finished

Next is the finished custom screen room with 2 doors and the insulated roof. The project will be upgraded later by adding windows.

December 2018 UPDATE: The upgrade to add glass windows is done. Two new photos showing the new windows are inserted below.

screen room project phase two

Screen Room Project Phase Two

screen room project windows added

Screen Room Project Windows Added

Thinking about a custom screen room for your mobile home? Call us today at 321-978-5500 for a free estimate.

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Extra Wide Aluminum Clamshell Awning

The custom extra wide aluminum clamshell awning installation shown in the photograph here was for a new customer in Cocoa, Florida.

screen room clamshell aluminum awnings

The project includes 3 awnings on the front patio of the home with one small awning on the side and two more installed along the front.

Having a shade solution the length of the porch front divided into two makes it easier for the owner to put up/down for storm protection.

Trust Haggetts Aluminum for a custom designed awning, carport, or screen room for your mobile home. Call 321-978-5500 for a quote.

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Haggetts Wants Customer Feedback

The reason Haggetts wants customer feedback is to understand what customers like about us, and get suggestions for how we can improve.

haggetts aluminum company service van

We welcome both positive and negative feedback. If you feel disappointed, tell us first for a chance to explain or correct as necessary.

Happy with us? The best compliment you can give is write a Google Review or post a Facebook Recommendation (formerly Facebook review).

How to Submit Your Feedback

Your review or recommendation does not have to be lengthy or take more than a few minutes to create. Follow these links to submit yours:

This link to Google 1 to 5 Star Reviews is a default search page for Haggetts Aluminum with a “Write a Review link” plus add a photo option.

This link for Facebook Recommendations and Reviews displays the option in the page feed and includes “Yes” and “No” buttons in response to “Do you recommend Haggetts Aluminum?”.

*Note: This information is accurate as of today. Things may change, i.e. Facebook dropped their 1 to 5 star rating the last week of Oct 2018.

Before you post a negative review, please call 321-978-5500 to explore options to make things right. Regardless, we want and will respect your feedback either way.

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New Carport in Titusville Florida

This recent mobile home add-on project is a new carport in Titusville, Florida, and includes features to allow a future upgrade.

new carport titusville florida

The 14′ x 38′ carport has a 4th wall and premium 3 inch insulated roofing panels that will allow an easy upgrade in the future.

Our design will accommodate the homeowner’s future plans to have us convert the carport to a combination carport and screen room.

Making this a multiple phase project allows the owner to pay now for their immediate need, and have us upgrade it later when ready.

Interested in a similar project for your Central Florida mobile home? Call 321-978-5500 today for a prompt quote.

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Color Coordinated Aluminum Awnings

We are here for mobile home owners searching for color coordinated aluminum awnings to complement the existing color of their home.

color coordinated matching aluminum awnings

The photo here demos a color combination of tan with dark green stripes we created to complement the mobile home siding and shutters.

Haggetts manufactures custom clamshell aluminum awnings in our factory in Cocoa, Florida, and we offer a variety of color options.

In addition to manufacturing aluminum clamshell awnings, we have Bahama awnings plus custom screen rooms, carports, and storage sheds.

Visit our aluminum awnings color gallery for a simulation of different color options. Questions? Please call 321-978-5500 today!

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