Strong and Durable Aluminum Awnings

Haggetts Aluminum awnings are durable and can withstand high winds. Florida’s hurricane season could bring powerful gusts, so homeowners need to consider protecting their windows and doors from flying debris. Even without the threat of hurricanes, Gulf sea breezes collide with Atlantic winds almost daily with the potential for short bursts of damaging wind.

By using aluminum awnings to protect your home, you can remain secure that, should the occasion arise, you’re prepared to “batten down the hatches” so to speak. Although no awning can protect 100% in extreme storms with flying debris, Haggetts Aluminum awnings are designed to protect your home for years and remain intact. Our aluminum awnings withstand light or moderate winds when closed and fastened.

Contact Haggetts Aluminum today if you need durable aluminum awnings for your home. Make our website one of your favorites and bookmark our blog for aluminum awning and screenroom tips and advice every month!

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