Fully Adjustable Aluminum Awnings

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When planning aluminum awnings for your home, we offer fully adjustable aluminum awnings. Knowing what is available is half the battle in any aluminum awning project, so consider some of these advantages to obtaining fully adjustable aluminum awnings for your mobile home here in Central Florida.

Our manual aluminum awnings are manually opened and closed by hand. Loosen each of two thumbscrews to adjust. The extension mechanism is a hollow telescoping rod that may be adjusted anywhere between fully open or closed, and then locked in by tightening the thumbscrews.

One of the advantages to owning manually operated aluminum awnings is that there is no need for electricity to open and close them. Should the electricity go out, you still can adjust your awnings up or down with ease.

Another benefit of manually operated fully adjustable aluminum awnings is the savings. Aluminum awnings save money on the electricity bill by reducing heat absorption in the home. When the summer months are at full blast, the shade can contribute to keeping your living space cool.

Aluminum awnings are affordable, fully adjustable, durable, easy to clean, and come in many styles, shapes, colors and even materials. Contact us today by phone at 321-978-5500 or email us for an estimate in the Central Florida area!

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