Sizing for the Angle of the Sun

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Aluminum awnings are generally used to protect your home from the elements such as wind, rain and the sun. The sun can beat down pretty hard sometimes, so you may need to think about the direction that the sun’s rays shine on your home. When having aluminum awnings installed on your home, you should consider factors such sizing for the angle of the sun.

The best way to get full coverage is to note how the sun angles into the home during various times of the day and on different periods throughout the year. This observation lets you know how long the awning needs to be in order to provide enough coverage to shade your windows but still allow enough light into the room.

The amount of distance the awning extends outward from the plane of the window surface is known as the projection of the awning. This measurement is used to effectively block sunlight from the window. This number may need to be adjusted depending upon the angle of the sun at various times of the day.

It may be necessary for certain windows to be more shielded from the sun’s rays than others. Consider which windows have the most time spent in front of them, and make sure those are well protected.

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