Clamshell Aluminum Awning Colors Gallery

Clamshell Aluminum Awning Colors GalleryThank you for visiting the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website! We like to keep our online visitors informed about news, tips and advice concerning aluminum products here in Central Florida and Orlando. Today we would like to introduce the Haggetts Clamshell Aluminum Awning Colors Gallery.

In order to give our Central Florida website visitors a better feel for what our aluminum awning colors would look like, we created a colors gallery. This colors gallery has a really neat function where you can hover your mouse over each color to view enlarged aluminum awning photos with simulations of each color change. Click the “Colors Gallery” tab at the top to view these color swatches to get started viewing our clamshell aluminum awnings in different colors.

You may select basic white or any of the 16 colors for the entire awning or stripes. These colors can be customized using single, double or wider stripes with any of the 16 colors below:

•Metallic Blue
•Tile Red
•Pastel Green
•Dark Green
•Metallic Gold
•Bright Yellow
•Dark Blue

We are so happy to be able to offer our customers here in Central Florida options on custom made clamshell aluminum awnings that we manufacture ourselves. Take advantage of our high quality products, professional service, and experienced professionals today. Contact us at 321-978-5500 or email us for an estimate today!

Keep posted on our website for more news, tips and advice concerning aluminum awnings for your home or mobile home in Cocoa Florida in Brevard County or other Atlantic coastal county cities of Central Florida.

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