Aluminum Awnings and Storm Protection

strong_windThank you for visiting the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to keep our online readers current with news, tips and advice about aluminum products here in the Central Florida and Orlando areas. Aluminum awning storm protection is at a high level of importance this time of year. With the recent storm named Hurricane Matthew heading towards Florida’s east coast, it is important to incorporate aluminum awning storm protection to insure the safety of yourself and loved ones.

This year has already proven to be an active hurricane season, so effective home protection should be taken seriously. It should be mandatory to protect your windows and doors in severe storms with powerful gusts.

If you live in Florida and do not have storm shutters for your home or mobile home, consider installing clamshell aluminum awnings to protect from this season of high winds.

No awning can guarantee protection 100% in extreme storms, but Haggetts Aluminum custom clamshell window awnings are designed to protect your home for years and remain intact. When our aluminum awnings are closed and fastened to cover your windows, you can avoid broken glass, wind, and rain damage that might occur otherwise.

Custom aluminum clamshell awnings from Haggetts Aluminum are made to size and are available in combinations of 16 solid or stripe colors. Explore our website or contact us to learn more.

We offer competitive prices and quality service in Cocoa Florida in Brevard County or other Atlantic coastal county cities of Central Florida, and would love to take on your next aluminum project. Plan ahead and consider installing durable clamshell aluminum awnings for your home or mobile home and protect your large or small windows from flying debris in high winds.

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Thanks again for visiting our blog and website. Feel free to explore the tabs across the top for more about the custom clamshell aluminum awnings and other products we offer. Contact us for an estimate in Orlando and surrounding communities of Central Florida at 321-978-5500 today!

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