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haggetts aluminum screen roomsThank you for visiting the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to keep our online readers current with news, tips and advice about aluminum products here in the Central Florida and Orlando areas. Today we would like to give our website visitors a little insight on our approach to a screen room that is a perfect match for your home or mobile home here in Central Florida and Orlando.

A screen room is a great idea to protect your tables, chairs and other porch furniture. Adding a screen room gives you and your guests a place to spend time while keeping the flying insects out. Screen rooms can protect your porch, patio and home from sun damage which could deteriorate the wood and fade the color of your home. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with a home addition that looks like it came with the home.

We consider the frame area of the project from the very beginning. The size, shape and angles on the exterior of the home are carefully calculated to provide the most optimum enclosure possible. The floor area is planned out and entrances are placed appropriately to accommodate our customers’ needs.

Some ideas for the inside of your screen room addition include patio chairs and a table for an area to entertain guests. A screen room could be utilized as a storage area to free up space in your home or mobile home and provide additional areas to tidy up the living quarters and increase the amount of available storage space. If you have kids, use the additional room for a play area for them. Being attached to the house it is a safe place to play and you can keep an eye from them from the comfort of your living room. Window screens prevent toys from flying out into the yard.

One obvious advantage to a screen room is to keep out the unwanted pests such as mosquitoes or forest animals that are not only bothersome but could carry unwanted diseases and potentially harm your family and pets. Without a screen room, bugs could be a nuisance if you should decide to serve a meal outside.

Shade yourself and your home from the sun’s rays when it gets a bit too hot to be outside. Screen rooms can protect your porch, patio and home from sun damage which could deteriorate the wood and fade the color of your home.

A screen room is great for protecting your patio tables and chairs from the elements such as sun, wind and rain. Consider a screen room to keep your porch free from falling debris such as dirt, leaves, sand and more. Screen rooms provide damage protection to your home. An extra “buffer area” in front of your home’s front porch area deters falling leaves, dirt, debris and trash and even tree branches from causing damage.

A matching screen room can really increase the value of the home and has a multitude of advantages. Consider Haggetts Aluminum here in the Central Florida and Orlando areas for your next screen room project and a perfect match. Contact us today for a no obligation quote for adding shade protection with awnings, screen rooms and carports or carport covers, plus added storage space buildings for your Central Florida home or mobile home.

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