Storm Impact on Protected Homes

Welcome to the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to provide our website readers with the latest news, tips and advice concerning aluminum products for the home, business and mobile homes here in the Orlando and Central Florida area. Today we would like to talk a little about storm impact on protected homes.

This time of year there is higher humidity in tropical areas such as Florida and many other southern states. This humidity build-up is responsible for increased storm activity, which we know can be rather powerful and destructive. Now it is important to understand about storm impact on protected homes.

By using protective shutters such as clamshell aluminum awnings during storm surges, damage to vital windows and doors by wind, rain and flying debris can be avoided. Obviously sliding glass doors, French doors or any door with considerable glass should be protected.

Aluminum hurricane shutters are an important part of a hurricane-resistant or storm-resistant home. When they are fastened into the down position, they provide a great amount of protection for glass doors and windows against windborne debris, which is often present in coastal storms. Keeping the windows and doors intact during a major windstorm is vital to the structural integrity of a home.

Storm impact on a protected home would be greatly lower than on one that has little coverage over the doors and windows. If the home or mobile home structure is breached, (especially for a mobile home) sudden pressurization of the interior can cause severe structural damage such as roof loss, and will lead to significant interior and contents damage from wind-driven rain. You should take every reasonable precaution to protect your property against windborne debris and wind pressures of a storm.

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