Florida Mobile Home Upgrade

The series of photos in this post illustrate a wide range of Haggetts Aluminum products created for this Florida mobile home upgrade.

florida mobile home upgrade collage

The collage consists of 12 photographs marked A through L, and a brief description of each is included in the following A to L list.

A: Corner Lot Mobile Home View
B: Small Carport and Driveway
C: Complete Set of Bahama Awnings
D: Front Steps with Side Railings
E: 1, 2, and 3 Panel Bahama Awnings
F: Bahama Awnings Zoomed In View
G: Cathedral Carport and Driveway
H: Cathedral Height Screen Room
I: Cathedral Screen Room and Carport
J: Rear View of the Storage Shed
K: Bahama Awning at Back of Home
L: Backside Awning, A/C, Carport

This Central Florida mobile home was a square box delivered brand new on a dirt lot several years ago with zero outside enhancements.

The homeowner has known our founder Tom Haggett more than 20 years, and contracted Haggetts Aluminum to perform the mobile home upgrade.

Improvements included pouring two cement driveway foundations, building the small carport, building two stair cases with railings, installing Bahama 3/4 awnings on all windows, custom designing and building the cathedral height screen room and carport, and finally installing a matching custom storage shed.

The homeowner could have requested clamshell aluminum awnings, or full length Bahama awnings, but they preferred the 3/4th length version.

Need awnings, a screen room, carport, or storage shed? Trust Haggetts Aluminum to provide a quality shade solution for your mobile home.

Call 321-978-5500 today for a prompt response and price estimate.

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Melbourne Florida Awning Project

This custom aluminum awning installation required thinking outside the box to mount this recent Melbourne Florida awning project.

melbourne florida awning project setup

The project included Bahama style awnings mounted on porch pillars instead of a wall, and clam shell awnings on all the windows.

melbourne florida awning project mount

The photo above shows 3 arms we attached to the horizontal support between the pillars, and 2 more arms attached to the pillars.

melbourne florida awning project done

The final photo shows the completed project with Bahama awnings on the porch and two of the custom clam shell awnings on windows.

Note the porch side Bahama awning and custom mount, as well. Clam shell aluminum awnings were installed on all windows of the home.

This is another example of the creativity you can expect from Haggetts Aluminum to design custom awning solutions for mobile homes.

Need a quote for awnings, a carport or screen room in Central Florida? Call 321-978-5500 today for a free estimate.

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Custom Deck Screen Room Addition

This series of Central Florida custom deck screen room addition photographs display our project progress from start to finish.

custom deck screen room addition 1

The customer already built the wooden 30ft x 30ft deck shown above, and wanted us to custom design and build a screen room enclosure.

custom deck screen room addition 2

The photo above shows the first phase of the aluminum wall framework and the start of our clever design to connect to the roofline.

custom deck screen room addition 3

The final photo displays the completed project including walls, screens, peaked roof, gutters, and a small outside deck extension.

Most screen rooms are built on a poured concrete base on the ground, so our customer was very pleased with our creative solution.

Have special needs for a carport, storage shed, or screen room? Call 321-978-5500 for a no obligation quote.

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Shutter Style Bahama Awnings

Our shutter style Bahama awnings are another option for Central Florida customers looking for low cost mobile home shade solutions.

mobile home bahama style awming

This Bahama awning installation for a Central Florida customer shows 2 panel and 3 panel widths. We can custom fit all your windows.

The louver design provides shade to help cool the interior of your home while protecting furnishings from harmful direct sunlight.

In addition to ensuring your privacy when viewed by people outside, the angled shutter style still lets you see outdoor activity.

Does the shutter style Bahama awning look right for you? Call 321-978-5500 today for a free estimate.

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Custom Design Aluminum Pool Awning

This unique custom design aluminum pool awning was a special request to have dark green color on the underside to minimize glare.

custom design aluminum pool awning

The custom awning was installed on the screened porch next to the pool and the dark green reduces sunshine reflection off the water.

This Brevard County project was custom designed, built, and installed by us for a homeowner near our Cocoa Florida factory location.

For customers who like this underside color concept, we can create a similar custom built awning with any of our standard colors.

Interested in our awnings, screen rooms, carports or storage sheds? Call 321-978-5500 today for a free estimate.

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Locked Down Window Awnings

The locked down window awnings shown in the photograph here were recently installed on a manufactured home in Ft Pierce, Florida.

locked down window awnings

The split photo displays awnings in the down and locked position on two sides of the home. All windows had new awnings installed.

This customer was spending the summer months up North and wanted the windows protected from severe storms while they were away.

We custom manufacture these aluminum clamshell awnings in our Cocoa Florida factory, and the lockdown option is a standard feature.

We also design and install custom screen rooms, carports, and storage sheds for Central Florida mobile and manufactured home owners.

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10 Awning Home Improvement

A 10 awning home improvement project was recently completed in Orlando Florida with the design of 10 custom built aluminum awnings.

10 awning home improvement

The awning project photograph shown here displays 5 of the 10 aluminum awnings that optimize shade for this residential homeowner.

This Orlando house has multiple size windows, and we custom built each awning to fit the custom width and projection of each one.

The fit ensures that the completed window is protected from high wind when retracted flat against the home in the closed position.

In addition, you may have noticed the color of the custom awning double stripes that complement the existing color of the exterior.

Need an aluminum awning for your Central Florida home? Trust the Made in the USA quality of our awnings manufactured in Cocoa Florida.

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Two Awnings in Melbourne Florida

Another Haggetts recent “made in the USA” aluminum awning project was the installation of two awnings in Melbourne, Florida.

made in the usa aluminum awning

The white aluminum clamshell awnings shown feature two custom color gray stripes coordinated to match the mobile home siding.

The awnings provide a sufficient level of shade so the homeowner enjoys the natural lighting with interior blinds open or closed.

Haggetts manufactures custom aluminum awnings for mobile home doors and windows in our Cocoa, Florida factory in Brevard County.

Trust our expertise and over 20 years experience. Call 321-978-5500 today for a free estimate.

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Palm Bay Screen Room Addition

This mobile home screen room addition in Palm Bay, Florida is a recent custom built design project with custom acrylic windows.

Our solution offers the advantages of shade, protection from insects, and the added benefit of windows to keep out wind and rain.

The entire 3 week project included putting a new roof on the home, new vinyl siding, and the custom build screen room shown above.

Need shade solution ideas for upgrading your mobile or manufactured home? Call 321-978-5500 today for a free estimate.

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Carport 4th Wall Construction

Check out this recent carport 4th wall construction project designed and installed for a mobile home owner in Melbourne, Florida.

carport 4th wall construction project

This custom designed aluminum carport project took a day and a half to complete. Note the post and beam shown alongside the mobile home.

The term “4th wall construction” is a building technique introduced in 2005 following Florida’s 3 direct hit hurricanes the previous year.

This unique design method is basically freestanding and not attached to the mobile home, and attached via the flashing coming off the home.

This project provided an economical solution with 3″ riser roof pans to construct the least expensive type of roof that we use.

Need a carport, screen room, awnings, or a storage shed? Call 321-978-5500 to discuss your needs or request a no obligation quote for your Central Florida manufactured or mobile home.

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