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Aluminum awnings are popular all around the world for both residential and commercial facets, with many different types for different looks and purposes.

Aluminum awnings have been popular in both commercial and residential applications worldwide for a long time. Being versatile and fashionable for your doors and windows, aluminum awnings have had to adapt to many styles of buildings such as mobile homes and businesses. Consider the many types of aluminum awnings there are to choose from.

Retractable awnings are becoming more popular with homeowners in the United States. Retractable awnings include lateral arm awnings, side or drop-arm awnings, portable, pop-up canopies, and solar shade screens.

Lateral arm awnings are a modern version of the old storefront crank awnings of the last century. Tension arms and a roller bar are supported by a torsion bar which fits into wall or soffit brackets that spread the load to the width of the wall. Hand-cranked awnings are still available, but motorized awnings are now most common.

Side or drop-arm awnings are commonly used to shade a window, with a roller at the top and spring-loaded side arms. These generally use a motor or crank or tape-pull operator.

Portable pop-up canopies provide a cost-effective temporary solution to those who want to enjoy shade. The frame uses a compact accordion-style truss which offers versatility to take the unit to social events.

Shade screens use canvas or a mesh fabric to allow some view while blocking the sun’s rays. The roller at the top may be hand-cranked or motorized, and the fabric is gravity-fed, with a weighted bottom rail pulling the fabric down between guide rails or guy wires.

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