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carport-and-screen-room-projectsWelcome to the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to provide our website readers with the latest news, tips and advice concerning aluminum products for the home, business and mobile homes in Cocoa Florida in Brevard County or other Atlantic coastal county cities of Central Floridaa.

Saving our customers time and money by reducing the cost of cooling with high quality products is what gives us an edge over our competition. Today we would like to offer our online readers the Haggetts Aluminum comprehensive project list assorted by task category to review.

Aluminum Awnings and Patio Covers
Aluminum awnings provide multiple purposes in the projects we complete here in the Central Florida and Orlando area. Other than use over doors and windows, aluminum awnings can be 20 feet long or more and used as a large patio canopy covering. Here are many of the aluminum awning projects we have completed over the last few years.

Lakeland Large Awning Installation
Lake Wales Aluminum Awning Project
St Cloud Aluminum Patio Cover Installation
St Cloud Duplex Clamshell Aluminum Awnings
Bahama Aluminum Awnings
Cocoa Mobile Home Clamshell Aluminum Awnings
Fort Myers Extra Large Awning Project
Lakeland Large Awning Installation
Kissimmee Aluminum Railing Project
Lake Wales Aluminum Awning Project
St Cloud Aluminum Patio Cover Installation
Clamshell Aluminum Awning Built From Scratch
St Cloud Large Awning Project
Leesburg Aluminum Awning Project
Tampa Aluminum Awning Installation
Stuart Large 22 Foot Aluminum Awning
Large Kissimmee Aluminum Awning

Screen Rooms
Building and installing screen rooms is another aspect of our business. Screen rooms provide extra storage space to tidy the living quarters, and offer damage protection to your home in a storm. This extra “buffer area” in front of your home’s front deters falling leaves, dirt, debris and trash and even tree branches from causing damage.

Davenport Mobile Home Screen Room
Complete Screen Room Remodel
Kissimmee Screen Room Project
Another St Cloud Screen Room Project
Recent St Cloud Screenroom Project

Aluminum Railing
A railing can add beauty to a home or building as well, but the primary purpose of the railing should always be safety. Review these Haggett’s aluminum railing projects completed for our happy customers.

Kissimmee Aluminum Railing Project
Recent Kissimmee Screen Room Project

Building or repairing a deck is a great way to improve the value of a home. Count on Haggetts Aluminum to build you a deck providing a terrific outdoor location for family entertaining and fun.

Wooden Raised Deck Project

A carport is a great solution for homeowners who want to protect their vehicles from the sun. A carport can protect your car from tree branches, hail and other falling debris. Also, a carport can make the trek from your car to your home a dry one when it is raining outside.

St Cloud Carport Project
Downtown Kissimmee Carport Project

Roof Projects
Roofing is an important business, especially here in Central Florida due to heavy storms. Review these roof projects Haggetts Aluminum completed over the last couple years.

Lockheed Martin Aluminum Roof Project
Orlando Loading Dock Aluminum Roof Project
Large Aluminum Awning Cover Project
Kissimmee 16 by 60 Foot Aluminum Roof

Remodels and Conversions and other Solutions
Other than aluminum awnings, railing, carports, screen rooms, roofing and deck projects, Haggetts Aluminum has a list of larger projects such as carport to screen room conversions, room additions, vinyl siding projects and roofing solutions. Review these remodels, conversions and more!

Roof Water Collection Solution
Complete Mobile Home Rehaul
Car Port to Screen Room Conversion
St Cloud Mobile Home Addition
Kissimmee Vinyl Siding Project
Kissimmee Carport to Storage Shed Conversion
Kissimmee 10′ x 30′ Room Addition

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