Cost-Effective Measures for Mobile Homes

haggetts aluminum 2014 projectsWelcome to the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to provide our website readers with the latest news, tips and advice concerning aluminum products for the home, business and mobile homes here in the Orlando and Central Florida area. Today we would like you to consider some cost-effective measures for your home or mobile home.

It is such a beautiful time of year in Central Florida Orlando with temperatures in the mid 60’s to low 80’s and not too much rain. Although, any time of year is a good time to plan to save money. Haggetts Aluminum is here to do just that.

Aluminum awnings are great for reducing cooling costs by shading the home. Aluminum awnings protect your home from the heat of the sun therefore keeping the electric bill down by lowering the need for air conditioning. This translates directly into dollars in your pocket.

Many aluminum products can be used to save money on the electric bill. Patio covers are great for shading areas in front of your home or mobile home. Not only does this provide a nice space to relax and kick back with a beverage and good company, but it provides a cooler home front and inside, saving money on air conditioning. Vinyl siding or an aluminum roof can deflect the heat from the sun and therefore help reduce cooling costs as well.

Consider Haggetts Aluminum for all your aluminum needs in Cocoa Florida in Brevard County or other Atlantic coastal county cities of Central Florida. Haggetts Aluminum awnings are very easy to clean and well worth the effort. Mild soap and water is sufficient for cleaning them every 3-6 months, or take advantage of our professional low cost pressure washing service 1 to 2 times per year.

Saving our customers money makes us happy. We offer reasonable prices for quality work and equipment. When we provide our customers with great prices, they usually come back to tackle the next aluminum project or refer us to a friend.

Again, thank you for visiting the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. Bookmark us for more news, tips, advice and current projects from Haggetts, and come back soon!

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