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Thank you for visiting the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to keep our website visitors current with news, tips and advice about aluminum products here in the Central Florida and Orlando areas. Today we would like to stress the importance of sturdy aluminum awnings, especially here in the Central Florida and Orlando area.

Hurricane season in Florida is generally from the start of June through the end of November, being potentially the highest expected occurrance of hurricanes and tropical storms around the state and this part of the country.

Not only is it important for aluminum awnings to be able to sustain high winds and be fastened down, but they must be capable of sustaining damage from flying debris in high winds. This means they need to be strong and sturdy. When the awnings are fastened in the down position, the windows are protected from breakage.

No awning can guarantee protection 100% in extreme storms, but Haggetts Aluminum custom clamshell window awnings are designed to protect your home for years and remain intact. When our aluminum awnings are closed and fastened to cover your windows, you can avoid broken glass, wind, and rain damage that might occur otherwise.

Protective shutters such as clamshell aluminum awnings prevents damage to vital windows and doors by wind, rain and flying debris can be avoided. Obviously sliding glass doors, French doors or any door with considerable glass should be protected.

Aluminum hurricane shutters are an important part of a hurricane-resistant or storm-resistant home. When they are fastened into the down position, they provide a great amount of protection for glass doors and windows against windborne debris, which is often present in coastal storms. Keeping the windows and doors intact during a major windstorm is vital to the structural integrity of a home because any slight breach could cause the destruction of the entire mobile home or home.

Although some storms are so severe that no amount of preparation can secure a mobile home here in Florida, precautions can be taken to preserve and protect what you have. The aluminum products we manufacture for your home and mobile home protect the home from storm winds, rain and hail, and are great for protecting from tropical storms and hurricanes.

Thanks again for visiting our blog and website, now you understand the importance of sturdy aluminum awnings. Feel free to explore the tabs across the top for more about the custom clamshell aluminum awnings and other products we offer. Contact us for an estimate in Cocoa Florida in Brevard County or other Atlantic coastal county cities of Central Florida at 321-978-5500 today!

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