Hurricane Season Preparations

strong windWelcome to the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to keep our website visitors informed on our products and services here in the Central Florida and Orlando area. The summer has arrived, bringing increased storm activity, especially here in the Central Florida area. Higher temperatures provides higher humidity in tropical areas such as Florida and many other southern states. This humidity build-up is responsible for increased storm activity, which we know can be rather powerful and destructive. Today we would like to offer some advice on some issues concerning hurricane season preparations.

More Floridians are preparing for the 2017 hurricane season, one study reporting that 77 percent of Florida residents are making advance preparations for the storm season, a 17 percent increase over 2016.

One year after Hurricane Matthew sideswiped the state, Florida residents say they’re taking more precautions for the start of the hurricane season. The National Hurricane Center gives some tips on hurricane preparedness. The three main key points include:

-Gather Information
-Plan and Take Action

Know whether you live in an evacution area and consider your home’s risks to storm surge, floods and wind. Understand the meanings of the National Weather Service watches and warnings.

Keep a list of contact information for reference. This includes emergency management offices, county law enforcement, fire/rescue, local hospitals, utilities, Red Cross, TV and radio stations, and your property insurance agent. Online hazard and vulnerability assessment tools are available to gather information about your risks.

Assemble a basic disaster supplies kit and consider storage locations for different situations. Help community members do the same.

Develop emergency plans for specific risks. Plan locations away from the home. Pet owners should have emergency plans for their animals. Prepare your boat and be aware of marine safety if you are on or near the water.

Review the FEMA Evacuation Guidelines to allow for enough time to pack and inform friends and family if you need to leave your home. FOLLOW instructions issued by local officials. Leave immediately if ordered! Wait until an area is declared safe before returning home. Remember that recovering from a disaster is usually a gradual process.

Be alert for tornadoes which are often spawned by hurricanes and the calm “eye” of the storm. It may seem like the storm is over, but once the eye passes, the winds may change direction and quickly return to hurricane force.

Be safe and have a plan! Thanks again for visiting our blog and website. Feel free to explore the tabs across the top for more about the custom clamshell aluminum awnings and other products we offer. Contact us for an estimate in Cocoa Florida in Brevard County or other Atlantic coastal county cities of Central Florida at 321-978-5500 for an estimate!

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