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haggetts aluminum store frontWe like to keep our online readers updated with our latest aluminum projects here in Central Florida and the Orlando areas. With the potential for tropical storms and hurricanes here in Florida, there is a necessity for protection from the wind and rain that is associated with these powerful storms. Haggetts Aluminum urges our potential customers here in the Central Florida area to consider aluminum home reinforcements if they do not have them already.

During the hurricane season here in Central Florida, the need for durable aluminum awnings is always a priority. In order to prepare for the high velocity winds that can whip through Florida, homes must prepare for the worst. Obtaining durable aluminum awnings becomes critical as the oceans are still very active as we near the end of hurricane season.

Obtaining aluminum awnings that can withstand hurricane force winds can be a task. Many companies boast of standards they may not be able to uphold. Haggetts Aluminum is licensed and insured to work in the state of Florida and have many satisfied customers to date.

Another product we manufacture and install is the aluminum screen room. Screen rooms provide damage protection to your home. An extra “buffer area” in front of your home’s front porch area deters falling leaves, dirt, debris and trash and even tree branches from causing damage. A screen room can provide additional areas to tidy up the living quarters and increase the amount of available storage space. Add a play area for the kids so they get to enjoy the fresh air. The shade and ventilation of a screen room is another great advantage to enjoy one.

We can build you a carport too! Carports are a great solution for homeowners who want to protect their vehicles from the sun. A carport can protect your car from tree branches, hail and other falling debris. Also, a carport can make the trek from your car to your home a dry one when it is raining outside.

Aluminum storage sheds are a great solution to clearing clutter from the rest of the home and having a safe place to keep them. When indoor space is at a premium, consider custom aluminum storage sheds as a cost effective solution for keeping seasonal items tucked away and out of sight.

An aluminum roof covering may be the solution to your needs. We can create and install custom roof coverings and railings for your home or mobile home here in the Central Florida area. Review this post about a 16 by 60 Foot Aluminum Roof in Kissimmee.

Our specialty is Central Florida awning manufacturing, sales, and installation and service of clamshell aluminum awnings, plus we build carports, screen rooms, and storage sheds. Most orders are completed and installed within two weeks, or sooner. Depending on your order and the time of year we will advise any delays when we quote price and delivery. Review this blog post for an overview of aluminum products in Central Florida to see what we have to offer.

Our prices are very competitive compared to other brands made in the USA, and the value exceeds cheap imports. Haggetts Aluminum offers durable clamshell aluminum awnings that can withstand high force winds when closed and fastened, yet no awning can protect 100% in extreme storms, especially with flying debris. In addition, aluminum awnings can help protect your home from wind, heat and the sun.

Haggetts Aluminum posts here on our blog twice a month. When posts are added, we also make a post on our linking to the blog post here on the website. Review our Haggetts Aluminum Facebook Fan Page for our latest blog posts.

We really do appreciate you stopping by! If you have an aluminum project here in the Central Florida area, feel free to contact us by phone or email us today for an estimate. Come back soon!

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