Protection From Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

haggetts aluminum vehicles 2014Thank you for visiting the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to keep our website visitors current with news, tips and advice about aluminum products here in the Central Florida and Orlando areas. Today we would like to focus on the importance of protection from these hurricanes and major storms.

Since our last blog post on the 5th, there has been another catastrophic hurricane to hit out of the Atlantic. Hurricane Maria is a powerful tropical cyclone that made landfall on Puerto Rico as a category 4 hurricane on Wednesday, September 20th. Our hearts go out to the people of Puerto Rico.

Earlier in the month of September, Hurricane Irma tore through the west coast of Florida, causing incredible damage. Here on the east coast of Florida, many of our customers were spared due to our aluminum products such as aluminum awnings and shutters that provide protection from these hurricanes and major tropical storms.

Hurricane season has been very active this year and protecting your home’s windows and doors is very important. Protective shutters such as clamshell aluminum awnings prevents damage to vital windows and doors by wind, rain and flying debris can be avoided. Obviously sliding glass doors, French doors or any door with considerable glass should be protected.

Although some storms are so severe that no amount of preparation can secure a mobile home here in Florida, precautions can be taken to preserve and protect what you have. The aluminum products we manufacture for your home and mobile home protect the home from storm winds, rain and hail, and are great for protecting from tropical storms and hurricanes.

Durable aluminum awnings are essential in areas with potentially strong wind gusts. Awnings are rated for wind tolerance based on width, length, material and the number of supporting arms. Modern awning designs incorporate compression joints and steel support structures to absorb and resist high velocity winds.

Be safe and have a plan! Thanks again for visiting our blog and website. Feel free to explore the tabs across the top for more about the custom clamshell aluminum awnings and other products we offer. Contact us for an estimate in Cocoa Florida in Brevard County or other Atlantic coastal county cities of Central Florida at 321-978-5500 for an estimate!

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