Florida Mobile Home Upgrade

The series of photos in this post illustrate a wide range of Haggetts Aluminum products created for this Florida mobile home upgrade.

florida mobile home upgrade collage

The collage consists of 12 photographs marked A through L, and a brief description of each is included in the following A to L list.

A: Corner Lot Mobile Home View
B: Small Carport and Driveway
C: Complete Set of Bahama Awnings
D: Front Steps with Side Railings
E: 1, 2, and 3 Panel Bahama Awnings
F: Bahama Awnings Zoomed In View
G: Cathedral Carport and Driveway
H: Cathedral Height Screen Room
I: Cathedral Screen Room and Carport
J: Rear View of the Storage Shed
K: Bahama Awning at Back of Home
L: Backside Awning, A/C, Carport

This Central Florida mobile home was a square box delivered brand new on a dirt lot several years ago with zero outside enhancements.

The homeowner has known our founder Tom Haggett more than 20 years, and contracted Haggetts Aluminum to perform the mobile home upgrade.

Improvements included pouring two cement driveway foundations, building the small carport, building two stair cases with railings, installing Bahama 3/4 awnings on all windows, custom designing and building the cathedral height screen room and carport, and finally installing a matching custom storage shed.

The homeowner could have requested clamshell aluminum awnings, or full length Bahama awnings, but they preferred the 3/4th length version.

Need awnings, a screen room, carport, or storage shed? Trust Haggetts Aluminum to provide a quality shade solution for your mobile home.

Call 321-978-5500 today for a prompt response and price estimate.

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