Air Conditioned Room Add On

This custom air conditioned room add on for a Cocoa Florida customer was an upgrade replacement room for an existing modular home.

air conditioned room add on done
The existing room was removed because it leaked and was not insulated. This first photo shows the new custom room add on when done.

air conditioned room entrance view
This is the room entrance view of the insulated air conditioned room, insulated roof, two insulated doors, and the new ac unit.

air conditioned room interior view
The final photo shows the interior view with a 24″ kickplate that raised the new acrylic double hung windows higher from the ground.

Check out the workmanship of this precision custom design. This customer now has a high quality air conditioned room to enjoy the outdoors.

Do you have an unusual custom room requirement? Call 321-978-5500 for a quote.

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