Haggetts Project History Compilation

Kissimmee Room Addition
Welcome to the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to keep our website visitors updated with our latest aluminum projects here in Central Florida and the Orlando areas.

Today we would like to show our Haggetts Aluminum’s history compilation of past projects published on our blog and website to date.

Every so often, we like to compile a list of aluminum projects here in the Orlando and Central Florida area for the season or the entire year. In order to make it easy to navigate through these years of posts, we decided to create a single post encompassing them all.

The main posts which actually contain these project compilations for the last few years include these five:

Central Florida Aluminum Projects
Haggetts Aluminum 2014 Projects (July 2014)
Aluminum Awning, Carport and Screenroom Projects
Haggetts Aluminum Projects 2015
Latest 2016 Aluminum Projects

Or for a more comprehensive list of projects to follow and read more details, review these:

Lakeland Large Awning Installation July 20th, 2013
Kissimmee Aluminum Railing Project June 20th, 2013
Lake Wales Aluminum Awning Project May 20th, 2013
St Cloud Aluminum Patio Cover Installation April 20th, 2013
Wooden Raised Deck Project Nov 5th 2012
St Cloud Duplex Clamshell Aluminum Awnings
Bahama Aluminum Awnings
St Cloud Carport Project
Cocoa Mobile Home Clamshell Aluminum Awnings
Davenport Mobile Home Screen Room
Fort Myers Extra Large Awning Project
Lakeland Large Awning Installation
Kissimmee Aluminum Railing Project
Lake Wales Aluminum Awning Project
St Cloud Aluminum Patio Cover Installation
Wooden Raised Deck Project
Roof Water Collection Solution
Complete Mobile Home Rehaul
Car Port to Screen Room Conversion
Complete Screen Room Remodel
Kissimmee Screen Room Project
Lockheed Martin Aluminum Roof Project
Orlando Loading Dock Aluminum Roof Project
North Port Florida Acrylic Windows Project
Recent Kissimmee Screen Room Project
Clamshell Aluminum Awning Built From Scratch
St Cloud Large Awning Project
Another St Cloud Screen Room Project
Recent St Cloud Screenroom Project
Leesburg Aluminum Awning Project
Tampa Aluminum Awning Installation
Kissimmee 10′ x 30′ Room Addition
St Cloud Mobile Home Addition
Large Aluminum Awning Cover Project
Kissimmee Vinyl Siding Project
Stuart Large 22 Foot Aluminum Awning
Kissimmee 16 by 60 Foot Aluminum Roof
Large Kissimmee Aluminum Awning
Kissimmee Carport to Storage Shed Conversion
Downtown Kissimmee Carport Project

We hope you enjoyed this project history compilation. Saving our customers money is what makes us happy. We offer reasonable prices for quality work and equipment. When we provide our customers with great prices, chances are they will come back for their next aluminum project or refer us to a friend.

Haggetts Aluminum invites you to bookmark our blog and website for more news, tips and advice concerning aluminum products in the Central Florida area. Contact us by phone at 321-978-5500 to discuss an aluminum project including clamshell aluminum awnings, carports, screenrooms, railing, storage sheds, aluminum roofing and more! Thank you again for stopping by!

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