Hurricane Safety and Preparedness

Welcome to the Haggetts Aluminum blog and website. We like to inform our online visitors about topics related to the aluminum products we sell such as clamshell aluminum awnings, roofing, railing, screen rooms, carports and storage sheds. Sturdy aluminum products for your home are important when there are high velocity winds present. Today we would like to discuss the importance of hurricane safety and preparedness.

With the approaching Hurricane Irma, southeast US residents need a plan for when disaster strikes now more than EVER. A very active hurricane storm season is at hand, and there has already been catastrophic damage from high winds and flooding with Hurricane Harvey, and possibly with the quickly approaching Irma as a dangerous category 5 hurricane heading towards the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispanola, the Bahamas and Cuba. The next threat posed to Florida threatens the entire state and quite possibly the entire southeast United States.

With Irma picking up speed, many Floridians are making the necessary preparations to stock up on supplies such as water, food and medical needs as the storm quickly approaches. Review the hurricane kit below courtesy of to be prepared for this incredible act of nature. (click photos to enlarge)

Hurricane kit

Make sure your hurricane shutters are in place or your clamshell aluminum awnings are fastened in the down position. Keep a list of contact information for reference. This includes emergency management offices, county law enforcement, fire/rescue, local hospitals, utilities, Red Cross, TV and radio stations, and your property insurance agent. Online hazard and vulnerability assessment tools are available to gather information about your risks. Here is a house checklist to cover, possibly last minute as the storm winds begin to pick up.

house checklist

Destructive winds, capable of widespread tree damage, long-lived power outages and structural devastation can be expected. Storm-surge flooding, high surf and rip currents will also be dangers, as heavy rain could contribute to flooding and mudslides, as well.

Irma is just the 5th Atlantic hurricane to have maximum sustained winds of 185 mph or greater, with Hurricane Allen occupying the top spot with 190 mph winds in 1980.

Prepare your pet! Pets are like family members and need to be considered when these storms approach. Review these tips to prepare your pet.

Consider these medical needs before the storm arrives.

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